NxGen Electromagnetic Environment Generator

Evaluating and optimizing RF transmission and receiver system performance with real world environments is expensive and time consuming.  Testing in open air sites is often done in remote locations which present RF quiet background environments not representative of the operational situation.  Testing the devices in the laboratory with direct connections to conventional test equipment lacks the richness of the real world frequency spectrum.  What is needed is the ability to create a wideband multi-emitter signal environment that is controlled and repeatable.

Synergent's NxGen Electromagnetic Environment Generator allows users to recreate the RF environment found in operational situations both on the test range and in the laboratory.  The system may be configured to cover from 20MHz up to 6GHz to create a synthetic controlled RF environment.  The system can be calibrated through high power amplifiers and antennas to a point on the test range or for direct connected systems at the SUT input.  Signals can be created based on user specified modulation parameters or from recorded waveforms.  Special signals can be injected into the environment through auxiliary RF input ports.  The system enables a type of testing previously unavailable to optimize system performance and ensure that systems operate correctly when deployed.


• Produce Thousands of Simultaneous Communications and Radar Emitters over the Frequency Range of 30MHz to 6GHz
• Independently control the Frequency, Power, and Modulation of Each Emitter
• Dynamically Change the Environment Over Time
• Integrated Frequency Management
• Supports Buffered Auxiliary RF Inputs for Additional Equipment
• Maintains 75dB of Dynamic Range at full power through arbitrary waveform generator and up-converters