Synergent's products include:


NxGen Signal Simulation System based on COTS signal generators and AWGs. NxGen can easily simulate both complex pulsed emitters & communications signals and can be used to verify the response of receiving systems on the ground and during flight test. NxGen also provides precision modulation and accurate output power as well as precise effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP).

NxGen EME based on COTS wide bandwidth AWGs and broadband signal generators. Along with pulsed and communications signal simulation, multi-emitter capability is available allowing for the creation of thousands of simultaneous emitters for EME simulation and test.

RSM Remote Signal Monitor based on COTS spectrum analyzers. Remote control of multiple assets distributed over a wide geographic area through a single graphical user interface with near real-time display and analysis. Event logging and waveform recording based on a flexible triggering and alarm system is also included.

Synergent has been providing solutions to our customers for over ten years. Our objective is to put our hardware, software, and application knowledge together to form a complete, synergistic solution for our clients.