Remote Signal Monitor

Spectrum monitoring is a complex problem.  The electromagnetic environment within which systems must operate is dense and changes rapidly.  The spectrum contains a variety of communication and pulsed radar signal types. The received signal power is heavily dependent on the location of the sensor, creating the need for a distributed measurement system.

The Remote Signal Monitoring software solves these problems.  With support for a variety of spectrum analyzers, the system provides a flexible solution for complex remote distributed spectrum monitoring applications. 

Remote Signal Monitor Provides:

• Integrated spectral and vector analysis modes
• Remote control of multiple assets distributed over a wide geographic area through a single
graphical user interface using an Ethernet interface
• Integrated near real-time display for multiple analyzers
• Pulse descriptor logging for radar signal reporting
• Support for multiple COTS hardware platforms
• Event logging and waveform recording based on a flexible triggering and alarm system
• The system is not limited to a specific signal type, hardware platform, or vendor
• One product solves signal monitoring problems in both radar and communication applications
• Provides documentation needed to investigate system anomalies
• The system will support existing hardware platforms and will support new capabilities as
products and features are made available
• Ideal for test range monitoring, system verification, and troubleshooting


The Remote Signal Monitor can be used for:

• General Spectrum Monitoring
• Metrology Grade ELINT and COMINT Collection
• General Pulsed and Communication Signal Analysis
• Interference Detection
• Ground Truth Collection